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Julie Kayla
2020 still missing music like this
Comment from : Julie Kayla

I still remember when I dedicated this song to my first love back when I was in junior height in 1993 it brings back tears 😭 and especially that I’m not with her again
Comment from : cesarventura98

Marta Beauchamp
Still listening2020
Comment from : Marta Beauchamp

Shekinah Craine
2020 anyone???
Comment from : Shekinah Craine

Andrew Tyrone Royappen
Getting ready for the next step in my life.. The Old Skool tunes will play on the entire way through the celebration on the 18.07.2020.I have been blessed with a special person.
Comment from : Andrew Tyrone Royappen

Ka Juliana Andrea
Oh God give me a reason,,, jan 15 2020, love this song!
Comment from : Ka Juliana Andrea

Betty may Williams
I've love that song reminds me of my song because they used to play their music with his cousins and brothers
Comment from : Betty may Williams

Cymessiah Joy
Malcolm Darensbourg and stacy Bibbins Darensbourg
Comment from : Cymessiah Joy

avatara 01
I bought this cassete ...24 years ago....so...until now...I love this song...
Comment from : avatara 01

Samantha Kelly Walker
I'll never walk again, until You come back to me. Beautiful. *
Comment from : Samantha Kelly Walker

Mugy Nagara
Comment from : Mugy Nagara

Mupiah Kunda
Now this is music.... Where ever we went wrong😥
Comment from : Mupiah Kunda

Monroe Stewart
With all due respect ladies this is the way I feel about this song beautiful ok honey Monroe
Comment from : Monroe Stewart

Mack Tumacder
Comment from : Mack Tumacder

This was a direct sequel to “end of the road” they got so tired and dropped down “on bended knees” love how their songs are connected.
Comment from : boobgoddess

sarah parker
Music is the only thing that hasn't let me down. My favorite song that gets my soul alive never lets me down
Comment from : sarah parker

Gift Malama
2020 we still here listening to this track
Comment from : Gift Malama

What beautiful music that soothes the soul it really makes me feel good
Comment from : SHABBI SHOO

Patricia Musonda
Can we go back to such days when we used to listen to beautiful love songs which are meaningful compared to songs played now💜💜💜
Comment from : Patricia Musonda

chrystal hodges
I like song
Comment from : chrystal hodges

Kenjie Bustillo
Sobrang sakit
Comment from : Kenjie Bustillo

Lisa Ess
I'm from New Zealand. I'm soon to be 43. I saw them in concert when I was about 17 and again 6 years ago and would go again...they are the music of my life x
Comment from : Lisa Ess

Hi lovers kolohe kai stole ur work
Comment from : OrganicSwagg

Hezyieachieanne Feurneaux
2020 everyone if youre listening

Like here.😊😊😁😁

Comment from : Hezyieachieanne Feurneaux

Solange Cardoso
2020 anyone
Comment from : Solange Cardoso

Fantastic! Its truly amazing :)
Comment from : 제인웨어스

Steven Traughber
I like a lot too
Comment from : Steven Traughber

Steve Bryant
Comment from : Steve Bryant

Peaches D
I love this kind of Music
Comment from : Peaches D

Grew up listening to this type of music in junior high and high school. Why did it go away??
Comment from : Rg4127

Chezka Sales
December 24 2019 😍
Comment from : Chezka Sales

Bing Santos
Comment from : Bing Santos

Yulis Tina
I love you full🌹🌹🌹
Comment from : Yulis Tina

Aline Gibier
I’m in love for the first time of my life. I’m down on bended knees too, waiting for you Baby.
Comment from : Aline Gibier

Teresa Rosales
I didn't know love was suppose to hurt
Comment from : Teresa Rosales

alfaith mahu
Music ku khwalitas ku kenali pribadi dengan baik
Comment from : alfaith mahu

Tori Love23
i was born in '94 & there no music better than old school music that you can connect with, its just so powerful.
Comment from : Tori Love23

Sara Morrison
May my husband of twenty years never regret or forget how much time is important in love. Moments in time are forever being taking for granted. Procrastination will only cause pain. Hurt feelings always turn into anger that can't be forgotten but always forgiven. The heart is only a muscle you need to love but can go on beating without it.
Comment from : Sara Morrison

adrian mcneill
1994 is when the song comes out I was not born yet I was born in 2000 I am 19 going to be 20 soon my parents are big fans of boys 2 men when i was going up that's all I been listen to 50 60 70 80 90 n today music love it💓
Comment from : adrian mcneill

Eddie Coleman
Victims of their own success. They got so big you can’t sustain that success. They are in their mid-late 40’s and they still got it.
Comment from : Eddie Coleman

Real soul and love music when men wasn’t afraid to express their love for a woman
Comment from : MsMartiFly

Simasoliveira Simas
Amo essa música!
Comment from : Simasoliveira Simas

Sashin Pillay
Comment from : Sashin Pillay

sheryl maylor
This song is so real and these Boyz,are zzz best,can I say omg!! Over and over they rock my world always,never stop listening this song and many others,xoxo
Comment from : sheryl maylor

Johnny Kasich
Dare in life the live I live toward. For?
Comment from : Johnny Kasich

Blink Ü
2019? 👍
Comment from : Blink Ü

Miz Lizy
My fav song from boyz2men🥰
Comment from : Miz Lizy

Jake Jordan
I may be 19 but this music makes my heart feel good
Comment from : Jake Jordan

Henrison Vlog
November 25 2019
Comment from : Henrison Vlog

who still listening 2019(:
Comment from : J4F _CLAN

James Enriquez
You can't hear this type of song nowadays.
Comment from : James Enriquez

Junior Acedera
angas <3
Comment from : Junior Acedera

Hosoo Batochir
I'll be listen till to die.
Comment from : Hosoo Batochir

Gervy Valerio
Nice song nov.2019 listening :)
Comment from : Gervy Valerio

cherono koech
Nov 2019.. Anyone,??
Comment from : cherono koech

Matthew  Garrett
Still evokes strong emotion after all these years. Boyz II Men rules
Comment from : Matthew Garrett

Sarah Sutton
Love this track
Comment from : Sarah Sutton

Rommel Ar-AR Legreso
listening to this song feels like you stab yourself with a knife straight through the heart..
baby, come back home </3 :'(

Comment from : Rommel Ar-AR Legreso

Chris Diaz Cano
Love this song💕💕💕💕
Oct. 27, 2019

Comment from : Chris Diaz Cano

current situation
Comment from : Divathebawse

Luis Rodriguez
I miss my baby girl so much I never thought I’ll fall in love again 💔😪 come back to me my princess smmfh I can’t live like this no more you was really my peace and happiness ... you might find some one else but your still mine babygirl I love you with all my heart ima still be here for you always same way you was here for me ima love you till the day that god calls me 💔😭‼️💯🙏🏽 03.11.19🙏🏽😭
Comment from : Luis Rodriguez

Jessica Soto
Comment from : Jessica Soto

Haydee Grace Ponce
Who's still watching Oct 2019?

Hit like and huling mag comment loadan ko 50. 😊👋

Comment from : Haydee Grace Ponce

Comment from : J G

daymie cimafranca
Can we??? 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : daymie cimafranca

Alejandro Caldaira
Can we go back to the dayss our love was strong ? Pede ba ??
Comment from : Alejandro Caldaira

Lovely Marquez
Bigla Kong naalala yung ex ko 😭😭😭 na alm Kong masaya n siya sa iba.. Bkitttt gnun ang tagal n... Bakit nrnig ko tung knta sobrng sakit...

2015 break up
2019 naaaaa 🤧

Comment from : Lovely Marquez

katrina orizal
Can we go back to the days when our love was strong?pwede pa ba jayson? 😭💔
Comment from : katrina orizal

Eric Mariono
Remind me to my girlfriend whos passed away in 1998..
Comment from : Eric Mariono

Sean Suing
The "II" looks like the video is paused.
Comment from : Sean Suing

marcio dasilva
Curto muito os caras manda muito bem
Comment from : marcio dasilva

Renee Kercheval
I love love love this song🖤💜💙❤️ 10-17-2019
Comment from : Renee Kercheval

kuya at keyshia Miguel
batang 90's still listening ❤️ nakakamis ung nakikisabay ka sumenti sa nga tiyahin mong nag eemote 🤣
Comment from : kuya at keyshia Miguel

earl_playz _vlog
its 2021. what a song i love this song so much
Comment from : earl_playz _vlog

Zisekho Popo
still in 2019
Comment from : Zisekho Popo

Mary Grace Cledera
My heartbreak song 😔😢
Comment from : Mary Grace Cledera

Jess Rapid
Its 2019 still listening this song love ita lot
Comment from : Jess Rapid

Sue V
They sound like they are crying for their loved one back! It's so sad but beautiful! Lost love oh lord.. It'll be okay! ... I will take you back!... As long as what you did to me wasn't that bad AND you really mean this stuff in the lyrics!!
Comment from : Sue V

aljon madamba
2019? Anyone?
Comment from : aljon madamba

khanyi hlope
I'm down on bended knees please forgive me im gonna swallow my pride 😗😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔
Comment from : khanyi hlope

jho mathhh
October 2019
Comment from : jho mathhh

just feeling the same and dont know how to get things back to normal without her
Comment from : Joe

Yuri Eloisa
I really love this song 🙂😊
Comment from : Yuri Eloisa

j d
Old school baby oh yea
Comment from : j d

Sarap.sa bakiramdam
Comment from : RR T.V

Carolann Jones
Comment from : Carolann Jones

Mercy Young
one of my ex's favorite songs, i remember him when i hear this song.
Comment from : Mercy Young

Robylaine Dacanay
Can we go back to the days our love was strong can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong can somebody tell me how toget things back the way it use to be ouch it's really hurt when u know the one u you truly love will never be yours again
Comment from : Robylaine Dacanay

Kok Eng Tan
Man... this still one of the best song even up to today...
Comment from : Kok Eng Tan

Tracey Goatley
This song makes me cry
Comment from : Tracey Goatley

Steven Traughber
There now way
Comment from : Steven Traughber

Guilherme Moreira
Comment from : Guilherme Moreira

Blue Blue
Con mi bb, escuchando está canción 💕 te amo #chí
Comment from : Blue Blue

Jasonpiela YGG CHOPCITY 13
From this song is a hit same way in #2019 hit the like button👍👍
Comment from : Jasonpiela YGG CHOPCITY 13

Immortal Jungle Beats
I just need one more chance to prove myself to you😥
Comment from : Immortal Jungle Beats

Jenna Alcmeon
Comment from : Jenna Alcmeon

Zero Cool
I love you Très forever! You and my baby boy. Thank you for him, but most of all thank you for being such a great woman.
Comment from : Zero Cool

Stephanie Nelson
This makes me want to cry beautiful song. 😭😇
Comment from : Stephanie Nelson

life lessons want be no fool no more
Yeah I be down on bended knees praying that's the only time hope God answer my prayers
Comment from : life lessons want be no fool no more

Lakeria Rian
Id never be down on bended knee but this song is awesome xx 😘
Comment from : Lakeria Rian

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