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Patrick le gal
You are great
Comment from : Patrick le gal

Lorna Vasquez
Love ❤️ it every time
Comment from : Lorna Vasquez

Bayarmaa Vongjesda
Comment from : Bayarmaa Vongjesda

I always thought Boyz II Men was like some marketing product or something back when they were current. This song is badass though. So are many of their other songs. I really am regretful of how harshly I considered them back in the day.
Comment from : John

fudderick D
Every song from this album was tha bomb!
Comment from : fudderick D

Lacy Slyter
God bless every marriage out there ... I pray for every single one .. if your clan is falling apart I pray it restores with all the love of my heart .. stay together
Comment from : Lacy Slyter

jhett castañares
2020 anyone? 😁
Comment from : jhett castañares

Sadie Harlow
It's already 2020 yet this song is still fresh and hurt a lot
Comment from : Sadie Harlow

Sadie Harlow
2020 anyone???
Comment from : Sadie Harlow

David Antonetti
Thru the spirit of love things will heal❤❤💔
Comment from : David Antonetti

Liz Waithera
Wow wow wow,2019 am here appreciating them still
Comment from : Liz Waithera

Edna Dos santos
Comment from : Edna Dos santos

Corine Brown
I thought it was awesome. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Corine Brown

Juanita Fredericks
Love you guys my favorite group. It I had 1 wish it would be to meet you guys.
Comment from : Juanita Fredericks

Kalsey Simpson
Comment from : Kalsey Simpson

awesome song/video
Comment from : Chris

Michelle DeVaul
Excellent 👍😀
Comment from : Michelle DeVaul

Christine Greene
Goodam beautiful,I lov u!
Comment from : Christine Greene

James Rowe
Great job, bud. I rate your video a 9/10
Comment from : James Rowe

I'm always down for listening to good music that has artists who sing and who don't need a gimmick. You hit the spot with this one. Keep em coming.
Comment from : surubaid1

Paulina Lopez
Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez
Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez
Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez

Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez
Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez
Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez
0701 I1iP2 070II I3Ei I40ZAA0A A57M

Comment from : Paulina Lopez

Paulina Lopez
Comment from : Paulina Lopez

thanks for making us wait 5mins for the next song to play egg
Comment from : MR MILFMANZ

Tyresha Walker
Someone please help me take this off repeat 😂❤❤
Comment from : Tyresha Walker

Sapitula Angelica
Comment from : Sapitula Angelica

Hawk Bag
March 25, 2018? Anyone listening?
Comment from : Hawk Bag

Kamie Lyons
This is now favorite song
Comment from : Kamie Lyons

Off Rip
Listen to this every day hoping she'll forgive me. I never cheated but I did some wrong. I'm sorry Martha Flores. I will spend the rest of my life proving it to you. I just need you to grant me that opportunity. I'm willing to forgive if you're willing to forgive. 😘
Comment from : Off Rip

Music Gurrrll
Who's 13 and older?
Comment from : Music Gurrrll

Sarah Smith Sargent
Love this song!
Comment from : Sarah Smith Sargent

tonyia garland
My favorite part is when he said "I'm begging u begging u to come back to me..."
Comment from : tonyia garland

Paulie Paciani
It's funny how you think you hear something then once you find out what he's actually saying you no longer hear what you thought you heard. "I'm down on my hands and knees" don't know why I thought that's what he was saying.
Comment from : Paulie Paciani

Charles Taylor
Brandy i love you and Brandy i miss you
Comment from : Charles Taylor

Tim thechamp Manimtellingu
good job on this nice👍👍
Comment from : Tim thechamp Manimtellingu

I am Nicki No Minaj
This song gets to me. I'm sitting here crying over my boyfriend 😭😭😭😭😭 .... ..Which means I need to be in a crazy home or something........ Because I don't have a boyfriend 😦
Comment from : I am Nicki No Minaj

Firdhauz Ramlee
This song is right in the feels.

I had the perfect woman, and I pushed her away.

Comment from : Firdhauz Ramlee

It's Mij
Luv this song❤️❤️😌🔐😔
Comment from : It's Mij

Guadalupe Cuellar
My mum knew them in high school. She loves them and I do too❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Guadalupe Cuellar

if you know the song by heart , the lyric mistakes wont bother you 👌
Comment from : raspberrygirly

makayla stallings
It is not "I get ready" it is "I guarantee"
Comment from : makayla stallings

Krystal Perry
my ex wants me back.. but what did he leave for a real man does not leave his family. i have been and still am messed up i lost all my trust in him.. how can i take him back when he dient care when he left me.
Comment from : Krystal Perry

Jae Love
a good proposal song
Comment from : Jae Love

Khellys F
Comment from : Khellys F

Ezekiel Major
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis need to stop. This song is absolutely amazing, Great production. My favorite producers of all time.
Comment from : Ezekiel Major

Rebal Queen
this is for my dad for never caring about me.... always being rejected by him
Comment from : Rebal Queen

Moni Cohn
A couple of errors but overall decent job if you just listened to the track. My fave from these fellas.
Comment from : Moni Cohn

Michael Wheeldon
lost my girl last night love this song
Comment from : Michael Wheeldon

Shaee Smith
this song can make u feel sad in good most definitely going thru the same right now but sometimes u gotta let them go
Comment from : Shaee Smith

Xavion Jones
I love this song I be thinking about people off this song
Comment from : Xavion Jones

Maria M
lyrics are so wrong wtf!!!
Comment from : Maria M

Mike Trump
I scroll through the comments hoping that someone who has reached out to the person they miss is answered by that person in reply.... sadly never have come across it
Comment from : Mike Trump

K Mar
Lyrics are not correct... C'MON
Comment from : K Mar

Albert Caballero
sandra..if ain't that bad find it in your heart 2forgive your ex
Comment from : Albert Caballero

Glenn Satchell
i am reminded that God is married to the backslider.....come back home He Loves You ❤
Comment from : Glenn Satchell

Ayoluwa Baina Bey
I'll never walk again until you come back to me Steven Moses
Comment from : Ayoluwa Baina Bey

Nika Sumpter
love it...
Comment from : Nika Sumpter

Sandra Arellano
I got this song dedicated from my ex husband juz a couple of days ago and it really got to me crying 😢 n now I dont know what to do
Comment from : Sandra Arellano

lyrics aren't correct, but it's all good. great song!
Comment from : yougoboydc

Rena Valles
Dominic Osuna
Comment from : Rena Valles

Katy Alto
Love this Song....my favorite R&B group of th 90's
Comment from : Katy Alto

Par Vee
My apology song for my other half, where ever her spirit is. Took the words right out of my mouth.
Comment from : Par Vee

Taquesta Richards
Forever my FAVORITE song ❤ .
Comment from : Taquesta Richards

Snow Cream
my home girl shatavia love this song ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Comment from : Snow Cream

Dahlia Leausa
Slapppp 🔊🔊🔊🔊
Comment from : Dahlia Leausa

I miss you....
Comment from : iamdnice1

Raegan Robinson
The part that always gets me is that breakdown.. "I'm gonna swallow my pride, say I'm sorry, stop pointing fingers, the blame is on me..." chills every time!
Comment from : Raegan Robinson

US Candy Dispensers
And if you come back to me
I'll guarantee
That I'll never let you go

Comment from : US Candy Dispensers

I love u Jennifer G now and for eternity.
Comment from : 2S1CKMHM

jackie kisilo
Nice track big-up
Comment from : jackie kisilo

Ilya Nice
thanks, that was awesome!
Comment from : Ilya Nice

huet stephen

thank u...

Comment from : huet stephen

carlotskie benito
mahal na mahal kita ruel ramos sana kaw nlng ...
di kita malimutan 
bkit kaya khit
balewala aman ako sayoo...
kakatawa tlaga...
corny khoe..
peo totoo ako para sayo...

ingat ka palagi mahal na mahal kita....

Comment from : carlotskie benito

brandon edmonds
Comment from : brandon edmonds

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