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Austin Thurman
Kev and V “At the end of the road”. Lmao oh shameless.
Comment from : Austin Thurman

Betty may Williams
Best music ever for the 20th century and always the best one ever
Comment from : Betty may Williams

Awesome Jdizzle
Dont lie we all tried hitting that deep part loooll
Comment from : Awesome Jdizzle

I think this song is best song all of my life(?)
Comment from : 사무엘킴Ss김선명

Dr d dre
2:53 always gets me 😴😭
Comment from : Dr d dre

Beth Collins
Old School Let all bring this song back
Comment from : Beth Collins

Whatucee iswhatuget
Comment from : Whatucee iswhatuget

sarah parker
Comment from : sarah parker

sarah parker
Michael teague I love u rest in peaxe angel
Comment from : sarah parker

Angeleas Ortiz
I'm 16 n this is much more better then my generation of music I just love this song sm 😩
Comment from : Angeleas Ortiz

A Green Squid Kid
My prof mentioned that this was his favorite song in class so I thought I'd check it out after class. And uh, this isn't what I expected his music taste to be
Comment from : A Green Squid Kid

lilly holmes
love you javion
Comment from : lilly holmes

anyone down for some roshambo?
Comment from : Ben

Yellow Flash
2020 still here
Comment from : Yellow Flash

This song should be put in a time capsule. These kinda songs made u wanna fall in love
Comment from : Marqui74

2020 who’s still listening ?
Comment from : Glorywtf

Jer Son
Comment from : Jer Son

Who is here after Fresh off the boat?
Comment from : Entropy

Skylar Zdunski
this song still gives me chills, this was when music used to be good
Comment from : Skylar Zdunski

vanessa miranda
Who’s listening in 2020 ? You’re awesome if you are ! ❤️
Comment from : vanessa miranda

Who is still there
Comment from : NIAIRA KING

Haabrz 45
Comment from : Haabrz 45

Naema Minaj
2020 🎆
Comment from : Naema Minaj

Anabella Kent
2020? anyone?
Comment from : Anabella Kent

Nairobi Foreman
Comment from : Nairobi Foreman

Quinntessa Mckinnon
Still listening in 2020 💜
Comment from : Quinntessa Mckinnon

Ananda Geraldine
3 JAN 2020 🚩
Comment from : Ananda Geraldine

Cecille Manlangit
2020 everyone?
Comment from : Cecille Manlangit

Kelly Gordon
still listening 2020!
Comment from : Kelly Gordon

I may be the first person to comment in 2020 lmaooo
Comment from : CAROLANN SAMANI

Aphiwe Dlamini
2020 guys😭❤anyone
Comment from : Aphiwe Dlamini

Kelly Lovell
2.1.2020 and still sounds so good x x
Comment from : Kelly Lovell

Olivia Peterson
Let’s say hi to the new decade
Comment from : Olivia Peterson

Andreea Denisse
Who's listening in january 2020? Love this song 👌👍😍
Comment from : Andreea Denisse

Daniel Obsekov
First person in 2020
Comment from : Daniel Obsekov

Naomi Smith
Jan 1st 2020 anyone
Comment from : Naomi Smith

The OC..❤️
Comment from : Elen

Jasmine Armstrong
They had this song on for my dad😭when he died 😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️
Comment from : Jasmine Armstrong

Vicky Begay
Old sing and still a good one
Comment from : Vicky Begay

Alejandra Chavez
Still I can't let go 😭
Comment from : Alejandra Chavez

Lilly Hugo
Forever be my favorite song❤😩
Comment from : Lilly Hugo

My favorite part is @ 2:50 when it sounds like he’s too sad to finish his line and just breaks down at the end. It gets me teary eyed everytime dammit
Comment from : DQnee

2020 anyone?
Comment from : vze21gwa

Queen Mia
My ex sent me this🤫🤭😂😅✌🏼💯
Comment from : Queen Mia

Ariel Rhys
who's listening in december 27 2019
Comment from : Ariel Rhys

Day n Night
Ssj9k reminded me of this song
Comment from : Day n Night

Kell IV
goodbye 2010s
Comment from : Kell IV

rosminie warsosemito
and who is listening now ?
Comment from : rosminie warsosemito

Amanda Herawaty
i luv it so muchhhhhhhhhh😭💖💘
Comment from : Amanda Herawaty

deci savaiinaea
So sad lies you baby
Comment from : deci savaiinaea

Marcus Mayfield
Who’s here?
Comment from : Marcus Mayfield

Daniel Landeros
Who's here on the last month of this decade ??
Comment from : Daniel Landeros

Us 1992
Comment from : 양준민

Jon Snyder
Best closing song to end the year/decade for me. thank you for being there for me Boys to men. another year in the bag. 2020 lets get this bread!
Comment from : Jon Snyder

I am a person in 2071 we have this type of technology and they played this at a super bowl
Comment from : DonGold

I am a person in 2071 we have this type of technology and they played this at a super bowl
Comment from : DonGold

Purple Lotus
This song reminds me of my parents. My mom passed away November 13th of 2019. And I pray my dad has the strength to make it and move on. Please pray for my family. 31 years of marriage.
Comment from : Purple Lotus

Gabriella Brown
I remember this song good memories 😭😭
Comment from : Gabriella Brown

I come here because of fresh off the boat
Comment from : RAIDAH Z

2020 <3
Comment from : Marky

Connor Lynch
Comment from : Connor Lynch

Luisa Robledo Morales
Wooo fantastic
Comment from : Luisa Robledo Morales

Sahbi Sahbi
Comment from : Sahbi Sahbi

It’s ya girl Deij
My unborn daughter loves this song so much she moves like crazy when I play it
Comment from : It’s ya girl Deij

RaF Lem
We have come to the end of the road "
Comment from : RaF Lem

Sharley Paul
This song is a classic! It's also toxic af! May we develop the wisdom to gracefully navigate through love and relationships and breakups.
Comment from : Sharley Paul

Katrice Bonner
Still listening December 15, 2019 💜💙
Comment from : Katrice Bonner

Hugo Armando Cruz Gonzalez
December 2019 who's lisening
Comment from : Hugo Armando Cruz Gonzalez

Ryder Bae
Fresh Off The Boat led me here
Comment from : Ryder Bae

Diamond Mccauley
December 2019
Comment from : Diamond Mccauley

Big Mo Logan
Anyone else here from Fresh Off the Boat
Comment from : Big Mo Logan

Unika Payne
Still listening to this 2019😍
Comment from : Unika Payne

Andre E
RIP Ceasar, Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow...fallen Heroes
Comment from : Andre E

Man that acapella break 😢😢❤❤

Nelson Roman
people that play this on their weddings and sweet 16th parties...... LOL
Comment from : Nelson Roman

Jessica Holliday
Comment from : Jessica Holliday

Dec 10th 2019 still here
Comment from : DANIEL Parker

Fahri Abas
Comment from : Fahri Abas

Braddah Josh
Am I the only one listening to all these older songs?
Comment from : Braddah Josh

Mila N
I've been searching for this song for about a year cus idk the title,and now finally found out
Comment from : Mila N

Randy Ragsdale
One of the greatest love songs ever recorded by one of the greatest R&B bands ever. Shoutout to everybody listening to this song in 2019.
Comment from : Randy Ragsdale

Quantavious Freeman
Still a mood 🙌🏾
Comment from : Quantavious Freeman

Miley Sabater
Comment from : Miley Sabater

Miley Sabater
Comment from : Miley Sabater

Milky The Way
Now im not gonna tell you diamond is unbreakable....but
Comment from : Milky The Way

Darren Smith
We do belong together Darren smith and Jessica Holiday I love you XXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Comment from : Darren Smith

El Scourou
damn they must've been in a lot of pain when they wrote this if they're missing someone who cheated, end of the road
Comment from : El Scourou

Jennifer Grant
Right hand in the air back and forth in slow motion
Comment from : Jennifer Grant

Meena J
DECEMBER 2019!!!
Comment from : Meena J

Jan Te Bont
Comment from : Jan Te Bont

Miriam Stan Chitu
December 2019 here bitx
Comment from : Miriam Stan Chitu

Vikki Townsend
Still here 2019!!! xXx
Comment from : Vikki Townsend

Jose Gutierrez
Yes I do songs is always going to carry on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Jose Gutierrez

Destiny Parks
December 2019?

Comment from : Destiny Parks

Anthony Jakes
Mannnn I just came across this song and I miss feeling loved
Comment from : Anthony Jakes

Kascia Walters
2019 We are at the end off the road💘. 2020! ❤️
Comment from : Kascia Walters

Pierre Barthe
It took me 33 years to realize this song is
about a stalker who is pursuing his victim.. Read the lyrics...

Comment from : Pierre Barthe

Starr Givens
In my feelings 😭😔
Comment from : Starr Givens

Cee Sno
December 1st 2019...

who else?

Comment from : Cee Sno

Tiyonna Carmichael
Im 25 n still love this song
Comment from : Tiyonna Carmichael

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