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Jhon Dandan
Comment from : Jhon Dandan

Clendel Joy Macairap
Half crazy by freestyle please?
Comment from : Clendel Joy Macairap

Earl Aldaya
chords pleaaaaseeeee
Comment from : Earl Aldaya

Shea Morato
Im freaking starting the year with a freaking breakup
well not actually because im the only one that was in love

Comment from : Shea Morato

Apple May Padua
2020 anyone? ❤️
Comment from : Apple May Padua

Robee Anne Chua
Comment from : Robee Anne Chua

John Michael
tutorial please"chords"
Comment from : John Michael

ricky alao
Darlin awww 🤭😂
Comment from : ricky alao

Andrea Quinones
January 17, 2020 anyone?
Comment from : Andrea Quinones

Camille Ann Orozco II
Ang lalim nito
Comment from : Camille Ann Orozco II

Joevenir Saddul
Idol pangarap ko sana maka duet kita..kw na ang bago kong idol..
Comment from : Joevenir Saddul

Ryan Charls Siega
2020 who's with me? broken ako kaya andito ako hahah
Comment from : Ryan Charls Siega

Jed Andres
Darling now
Comment from : Jed Andres

Kurt Rayburn
Idol, what chords did you use???
Comment from : Kurt Rayburn

marible viduya
Omg talaga tila anghel
Comment from : marible viduya

kuy'z Pankz TV
Idol Chord plsss, hehehhe
Comment from : kuy'z Pankz TV

Namjesus //Amen//

Had me Dying on the floor 😂😂

Comment from : Namjesus //Amen//

Shane Smolder
Bagsek mo kumana idol
Comment from : Shane Smolder

James Dahuya
Thanks for inspiring me💙
Comment from : James Dahuya

AlbiMar Aripin
jesus chrise

Comment from : AlbiMar Aripin

Marco Alan
kahit di ka na bumalik alam ko namang masaya kana ngayon, halata naman sa katawan mo yung binti ko braso mo na :> hi jhen
Comment from : Marco Alan

Sol Lagz
Idol cover mo favorite aong ng jowa ko "More than words ,Pati yung Desperado" haha pandagdag daw sa download nyang covers mo .
Comment from : Sol Lagz

Everything About us
U made me smile while watching u singing😊😍
Comment from : Everything About us

Naked Cassiopeia
Comment from : Naked Cassiopeia

Chennie Pejante
How to be you po?
Naol maganda boses <3

Comment from : Chennie Pejante

Gio Geollegue
idol pa mention❤️
Comment from : Gio Geollegue

Support AnimalRights
You are an awesome singer. You should do a video set up like Boyce Avenue here on YouTube. You should get with a band you jive with, you are very talented. Get with a band with awesome song writing and music skills.
Comment from : Support AnimalRights

nica moon
Iloveyouuuu justin !!!!!!!!!❤️❤️
Comment from : nica moon

MaryRose Jagmoc
Comment from : MaryRose Jagmoc

Hilcon Sumatra
2020 anybody? :(
Comment from : Hilcon Sumatra

Bryle Alvin Luayon
Comment from : Bryle Alvin Luayon

Thamarrah Shaira14
Comment from : Thamarrah Shaira14

Egg with 69,000 subscribers
Comment from : Egg with 69,000 subscribers

laurence valdez
Comment from : laurence valdez

Safit Sahri
PLEASE SHARE YOUR CHORD😭 im in love with this song😭💔
Comment from : Safit Sahri

Carlos Gutierrez
Chords po😁😁 thankz much love
Comment from : Carlos Gutierrez

Kim Pinay
hello maloves! I love you and your voice! <3
Comment from : Kim Pinay

Joseph Teodorico
Sobrang GANDA ng boses,di nakakasawang pakinggan
Comment from : Joseph Teodorico

Crush 😍
Comment from : MJ LYN

Rhyan Bantillo
Idol <3
Comment from : Rhyan Bantillo

Jhejhu Waquiz
Khel x justin 👌🏻🔥 100%
Comment from : Jhejhu Waquiz

Camille Maceda
Comment from : Camille Maceda

Bryan Fajardo
Comment from : Bryan Fajardo

April Francisco
Naiinlove ako sayo ❤️
Comment from : April Francisco

Eriza Marie
Ang sakit naman 😭💔
Comment from : Eriza Marie

Angelyn Ripdos
pa turo po!😍
Comment from : Angelyn Ripdos

Omz Sabri
Ano po ung chords nia??
Comment from : Omz Sabri

Hana Aulia
Comment from : Hana Aulia

Queenie Rose
Comment from : Queenie Rose

katrina pajarillaga
Comment from : katrina pajarillaga

Marites Gumban
Damn!! My favorite song!!
Comment from : Marites Gumban

Jethro Asang
Wow ang galing naman ! Parang mimiyuuuh boy version
Comment from : Jethro Asang

ninaemdy 199
Comment from : ninaemdy 199

don’t wanna stay ja ije go
Omg its been a year since this iconic video exist
Comment from : don’t wanna stay ja ije go

Francisco Roje
Pahiram muna ng boses mo ser. Bebenta aa carolling yan thank you n advc. Power
Comment from : Francisco Roje

Nate Abdiel Zoey
I love you Justin!❤️
Comment from : Nate Abdiel Zoey

Princess Vidor
Sarap pakinggan ng paulit-ulit hays 💛
Comment from : Princess Vidor

Mika Riel
Comment from : Mika Riel

Ikker Gozon
Comment from : Ikker Gozon

Gladys Cadiente
December 2019 here?
Comment from : Gladys Cadiente

Jane Manalac
miss u already. 😢❤️❤️
dami po nating picture kanina 😢❤️❤️❤️

Comment from : Jane Manalac

junar duhaylungsod
Comment from : junar duhaylungsod

Piggy Bank
parang kapatid mo na si michael pangilinan idol ❤
Comment from : Piggy Bank

Hi its your girl
Sana all gifted
Comment from : Hi its your girl

Lyndie Lobos
Comment from : Lyndie Lobos

Trixie via Eigengirl
Hi 💛 i’ve been listening to you since yesterday now i cant stop 💛 damn you caught my heart justin.
Comment from : Trixie via Eigengirl

juaammysteries Vlogs
Chords plsss 🥺
Comment from : juaammysteries Vlogs

Francess Joe
Comment from : Francess Joe

Francess Joe
Shet i love you baby hahahahahha
Comment from : Francess Joe

Chan Herez
Comment from : Chan Herez

Jimuel Tubiera
My fav. song😭😭 I love Justin Vasquez
Comment from : Jimuel Tubiera

Kaye Cee Cantalejo
Start December with hearing this song🙃
Comment from : Kaye Cee Cantalejo

Its Lovely
Comment from : Its Lovely

jenny rose donato
All ur cover is on my songlist 😍😍
Comment from : jenny rose donato

jenny rose donato
Crush 😍😍
Comment from : jenny rose donato

rhizza molines
Ang ganda naman ng boses mo😘
Comment from : rhizza molines

Dexie Dc
Comment from : Dexie Dc

juliet ditalo
Comment from : juliet ditalo

Laarnie Balquin
Iloveyou Justin 😭😍😍💕
Comment from : Laarnie Balquin

Anecito Gracia
Nov, 25, 2019 here
Comment from : Anecito Gracia

Sweet Devil
Idoll! Damang dama ko yung kanta pakshet💔
Comment from : Sweet Devil

pebee bee
Comment from : pebee bee

Renzo Peñaranda
Comment from : Renzo Peñaranda

Harold Claudio
Sana all kuya❣
Comment from : Harold Claudio

jefferson erl anacan
Sana lahat maganda yung boses
Comment from : jefferson erl anacan

Chatrin Rumahorbo
U lit 🔥
Comment from : Chatrin Rumahorbo

Nianghuaizou mate
I felt dat song🎶😭😭😭
Comment from : Nianghuaizou mate

Marites Ontolan
Coffee tas relaxing with watching the cloud and feel the air with song of this, 🙂
Comment from : Marites Ontolan

Aimee Limpiada
Comment from : Aimee Limpiada

Raymond Rodil
grabe idol
Comment from : Raymond Rodil

Hannah charis Tubal
How to be you po?....hehehehe IDOL😍
Comment from : Hannah charis Tubal

Miko Miko
We would like to ask a very big favor if you can help us make our little angel above to be noticed by her favorite artist Mr. Justin Vasquez she really loves him and he is one of the reasons why she fought the good fight. We lost an angel he lost a super-fan, please help us to be noticed by Mr. Justin Vasquez we want to surprise our angel by getting Mr. Vasquez to render a song or cover for her. Please help us. We are reaching out to those who has a good heart please help us in surprising our little lady! She fought a very very very good fight with her unfortunate encounter with leukemia may he consider our request. With you guys as helping hands. Thank you in advance! If you can please message him in his social media accounts. Thank you!
Comment from : Miko Miko

ML Lang
So we a very precious batchmate.. she battled with leukemia for more than a month i think... but unfortunately she lost early this morning... she was so precious that i cant bare to sit here and do nothing.. she really loves justin vasquez.. so we came up with an idea.. ma ask kme tne favor kay justine kung pwede sya ka obra cover para kay nikita pero of course we need a helping hand.. especially sa mga famous.. help us nga ipatrend sya para ka lab ot kay justin ang news “ he lost one of his super fan”
Comment from : ML Lang

Mia Magan
So we have this very precious girl, she’s fan of yours... she battled with leukemia but unfortunately she lost.. we would to ask a favor from you if you can make video covering her favorite song we are planning to play it in her funeral and burial this will serve as her advance birthday gift and farewell... ill be the happiest person if you accept our request
Comment from : Mia Magan

Mia Magan
So we have this very precious girl, she’s fan of yours... she battled with leukemia but unfortunately she lost.. we would to ask a favor from you if you can make video covering her favorite song we are planning to play it in her funeral and burial this will serve as her advance birthday gift and farewell... ill be the happiest person if you accept our request
Comment from : Mia Magan

gail banajera
kuya justine may kaklase po akong fan na fan nyu po pero namatay po sya kaninang umaga dahil po sa sakit na leukemia kung pwede po sana gawan nyu po sya nang kanta para sa libing nya pls po🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : gail banajera

Joshua Rd
Anyone can tell me the chord please ?
Comment from : Joshua Rd

Katherine Danila
I love your voice so much😍🤩
Comment from : Katherine Danila

There u go boy! Keep that comin don’t take any breaks bro get the best and all the other feels songs cause u got that tone boy! 🤙🏼
Comment from : JTG LANDSCAPES

King Whylmar Vega
Panget ng boses iw
Comment from : King Whylmar Vega

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