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blue skies
nobody's fool brought me here
Comment from : blue skies

mj dub
Lol an to think...ima whiteboy who grew up on this
Comment from : mj dub

Khadene Campbell
Gotta believe in the Spirit of Love💕🥰💐
Comment from : Khadene Campbell

Wilfredo Estrella
I love you sooo damn much Lisa, we were never meant to be apart love. Come back
Comment from : Wilfredo Estrella

I’d just cheated on my girl and got caught when this song was out. She moved back home, all the way across the country, and it I felt so bad every time I heard this song
Comment from : Sayko434

Christine Musal
One of the most beautiful love songs.
Comment from : Christine Musal

Final Table Tony
Wow! Such a smooth melody! Master balladeers!
Comment from : Final Table Tony

Motselisi Dlamini
My daughter is 3 years. and already singing along to this good music. I want her to know real music. not trash.
Comment from : Motselisi Dlamini

Erick teixeira
Mano,essa daí é pica!
Comment from : Erick teixeira

armyforlife3 Nao
Nobody’s Fool brought me here
Comment from : armyforlife3 Nao

Love this song, I've always preferred this one over End of the Road.
Comment from : jerseytomato100

anthony pucci
i should dedicated this song get things back the way they used to be omg i can relate to that part of the song
Comment from : anthony pucci

anthony pucci
lisa from save by the bell she in this video
Comment from : anthony pucci

preciousisloved awesome
Eternal favorite 🎵💕
Comment from : preciousisloved awesome

Boys 2 men. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 such true artists. Keep it up! I'll save money to buy your album
Comment from : めいゆざ

And that's true love ❤
Comment from : めいゆざ

Candice Forward
I want a Wanya! I want a Wanya so he can sing this song to me!!🥰
Comment from : Candice Forward

Ayame Kyoto
Nowadays, they're down on their knees with their faces shoved into someone's genitals. 😒😔
Comment from : Ayame Kyoto

carlos baricua
whos still lisreneng right now in 2020
Comment from : carlos baricua

King dad and daughter
Fellas this is what the Ladies want to hear when they drop the panties lol.
Comment from : King dad and daughter

Armando Mada
Lisa 🥰🥰
Comment from : Armando Mada

Simply Althea
Comment from : Simply Althea

Peter Guzman
Comment from : Peter Guzman

Nicole Mcintosh
Y is tuba dude in the back all of a sudden so funny to me😂
Comment from : Nicole Mcintosh

Comment from : 심재하

aurelius rule
Evolution was Super Epic they had it 🎙 🎶
Comment from : aurelius rule

Tybugie46 Is gaming
Raygine aka tootie 💜 but ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM 💋💋💯✊🏽
Comment from : Tybugie46 Is gaming

Hilman Darmawan
Lost in here.... 2020/01/01
Comment from : Hilman Darmawan

Daisy Teena
Queria saber, como ficou o carro depois dessa fechada de porta.
Comment from : Daisy Teena

Sophia Lucianna
No matter how many years, decades, centuries pass by.... Boyz II Men will always be one of the greatest artists ever. It would be nice to have some R&B male groups as great as them nowadays. I'm still having my hopes up.
Comment from : Sophia Lucianna

TooSexy Productions
My fave song of all time. Many years later I'm still asking those questions. #SMH
Comment from : TooSexy Productions

Organic Nails
Comment from : Organic Nails

Organic Nails
Comment from : Organic Nails

Dania Jones
Who still listens this in 2o2o?!!!
My favorite song for 2020 right now

Comment from : Dania Jones

deddy agus
I'll swallow my pride....
Comment from : deddy agus

mark higgins
90 music definitely would have a guy simping hard lol
Comment from : mark higgins

Megan Short
at the end when he say "I'll never walk aaagainnn until you come back to me" hit hard😧😧 smh 2019-2020
Comment from : Megan Short

Comment from : K. JS

Clint Cope
Beautiful black women in this video! Good ole days.. Man i miss em!
Comment from : Clint Cope

Tony Nguyen
I swear wonya had one of the best voices ever, chills
Comment from : Tony Nguyen

Samuel Jean
I’m 27 and love this type of music 🎶
Comment from : Samuel Jean

fish chicken
Still makes me cry, I'm almost thirty and I don't know how it feels to for someone to actually love me, so tired.
Comment from : fish chicken

Never Lie
Usually men become what women are looking for because men always want the women so if a woman wants a thug men are going to walk talk dress and act like thugs
Comment from : Never Lie

Never Lie
I'm a black man, and from my perspective growing up in my community many of our women wanted thugs, instead of committed men, and so goes the saying "nice guys finish last"
Comment from : Never Lie

Reginald Andretti
Another jimmy jam and Terry Lewis classic
Comment from : Reginald Andretti

Shimaree Foster
"I'll never walk again until you come back to me"....do people love like this anymore?
Comment from : Shimaree Foster

Pule Mokumako
2020 and it still bangs on my stereo
Comment from : Pule Mokumako

Lateefah Jenkins
Comment from : Lateefah Jenkins

Kobe Saelee
“Can somebody tell me how to get things back the way they used to be?” 😔💔
Comment from : Kobe Saelee

I was today years old when I found out this song had a tuba player! 3:25
Comment from : namiller01

Star Man
This legendary groupe will be in the history of RnB...
Comment from : Star Man

Comment from : ACJ

Joseph Mthethwa
I miss Zanele Soko who is not around with me, and I wish that our love would last forever
Comment from : Joseph Mthethwa

Muthio Faith
2020 anyone? Likes ❤️
Comment from : Muthio Faith

Wayne McPherson
I think these guys are one of the best group singers ever
Comment from : Wayne McPherson

Anyone started 2020 in this kinda mood!!! #Classic👌 #InMyFeelings💖💔
Comment from : xFruityLadyx

Guaci Curbelo
There are no more beautiful songs as it's for me there is nothing like the 90's was a time of very good groups and very good music .
Comment from : Guaci Curbelo

Bmb Pure
Who's here after watching nobody's fool? 🤭
Comment from : Bmb Pure

Simplest things back in the 90s pick a few flowers from a random bush and give it to your girl. Man I'm happy i lived through this era
Comment from : traindawg21

Josh 88
lark is so fine
Comment from : Josh 88

Shawanna White
Classic 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Shawanna White

Ananda kezia
Love this people from my childhood until noooooowwwwwwwwwww
Comment from : Ananda kezia

CeeJay Love
2020 bitches!
Comment from : CeeJay Love

Shogun Sama
Perfect song 2020
Comment from : Shogun Sama

Here in January 2020!
Comment from : atowari

Angger Hijr
who is with me in january 2020?
Comment from : Angger Hijr

Malcolm Juma
2020 here we are... Never gonna get tired of these classics...
Comment from : Malcolm Juma

Zahara Ali
Whose here in 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Zahara Ali

Monique Eleanor
Comment from : Monique Eleanor

David R. Davidson
For Music Monday 2020 y'all! Love it. God bless B2M.
Comment from : David R. Davidson

Maggie N
Happy 2020😎🎶🎶🎶
Comment from : Maggie N

Johnnn Limco
2020 anyone?💓
Comment from : Johnnn Limco

bella js
Who is listening in 2020??🎶😍
Comment from : bella js

kyng jon
2020 and this song is still good
Comment from : kyng jon

Mirra EATS
Anyone 2020?
Comment from : Mirra EATS

Marshall Ck
2020.. Ladies 🌹😘
Comment from : Marshall Ck

Jermaine Barnes
I still love that song if want someone back in your life listen to that 😥
Comment from : Jermaine Barnes

Kyri Kelly
Classic hits
Comment from : Kyri Kelly

Ayantoye Oluwatobi
Who is here with me 2020!
Comment from : Ayantoye Oluwatobi

alexia robinson
Comment from : alexia robinson

Erika Smith
Nate was my man.. something about those 'swoop coolers'😙😍 love Wanyés voice tho💞
Comment from : Erika Smith

crystal clear ComCom
Very emotional song. I love boyz 2 men perfect soft vocal harmonies.
Comment from : crystal clear ComCom

Krysyal White
Still listening 2019.....My jam
Comment from : Krysyal White

Keep the Motown alive, stop ruining it.
Comment from : quad8

Gedoria Ezyl Lloyd
Comment from : Gedoria Ezyl Lloyd

I'm in my sexy pajamas...I just took 4 Benadryl to dull my sensitivity....Yes, its a bad time
Comment from : ll NATE DOGG ll

Annette Baca
But today is January 2nd 2020 Baby thank God for another year
Comment from : Annette Baca

Who knew lark was crazy af for real
Comment from : llong3316

CH_Linguistics_Utube YouTube
First one here in 2020
Comment from : CH_Linguistics_Utube YouTube

Jenevieve Dagohoy
Can we go back to the days our love was strong?
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong?
Can somebody tell me how to get things back
The way they use to be?


Comment from : Jenevieve Dagohoy

Dandy Toyogon
January 1, 2020 still listening
Comment from : Dandy Toyogon

Lute Savini
January 2020?
Comment from : Lute Savini

Darri Vasquez
January 2020 anyone I still love this song so much
Comment from : Darri Vasquez

Roxanne Matthews
2019 and still listening this 😭😭😭
Comment from : Roxanne Matthews

Tonya Sutherland
How a PERFECT LOVE goes wrong?? I felt that
Comment from : Tonya Sutherland

Joao Leonardo
Caramba só 83M de visualizações?
Comment from : Joao Leonardo

ERIC Douglass
The best thing happening
Comment from : ERIC Douglass

Anime Lovers
happy new year ! still watching
Comment from : Anime Lovers

RedWolf 813
They were SIMPIN hardcore on this track. 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : RedWolf 813

Gleo Fabudoll
The movie Nobody's Fool brought me here in 2019😍
Comment from : Gleo Fabudoll

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