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Trsh Jhnn
solid khalifass!!! :<<<<
Comment from : Trsh Jhnn

Marley Raass
Comment from : Marley Raass

Alex Caisip
It's already 2020 but I think I was trapped in this song💔🥴🥴
Comment from : Alex Caisip

Jordan Fink
Pffft! Who needs lyrics...
Comment from : Jordan Fink

Faith Mbula
After watching 'Nobody's fool' this was my next stop.
"oh God give me the reason, I'm down on bended Knee"

Comment from : Faith Mbula

unknown XxXx
30 likes babalikan ko talaga EX ko
Comment from : unknown XxXx

January 17, 2020 ?? Who’s here??
Comment from : KIM PH

Ex Tian
ill get ready ?? o ill guarantee??/ rinig ko
Comment from : Ex Tian

Mhein Monreal
Comment from : Mhein Monreal

Tiffany Perez
Dr.Lukakovac Boyfriend
EstabIisnenocerI Estoobom

Comment from : Tiffany Perez

Ayame Kyoto
Oh, God give me a reason. I want some KFC.
Until you open up for me, I'll be over at Hardee's.
I'm down on my knees, begging for grease!
Gonna make you my wife! Give me a number 9, please!
Make it a large, with 2 number 45's, one with bacon and cheese, my soda better be co-oh-oh-old, baby!

Comment from : Ayame Kyoto

bradley lee
I got this from Davidso’s armpit video......... anyone???
Comment from : bradley lee

JairiceJianne CadajasAngeles
Can we go back
Comment from : JairiceJianne CadajasAngeles

Halid Mocles
2020 na pero favorite ko pa ren to 😍
Comment from : Halid Mocles

Makayla Smith
Classic 😍
Comment from : Makayla Smith

Maxpein Van
Comment from : Maxpein Van

Fatima Villz
Showtime contestants brought me here😊
Comment from : Fatima Villz

Arjun Cabacang
My favorite song this 2020😍
After watching Martin of TNT 😭😭😭

Comment from : Arjun Cabacang

tomasjr fuentes
Who's here after watching showtime. 😂
Comment from : tomasjr fuentes

Iron Men
Who's Came Here After a Man Sang this Song in Showtime?
Comment from : Iron Men

Russelle Rondilla
Who is here because of tawag ng tanghalan??
Sabi ko na nga ba ako lang

Comment from : Russelle Rondilla

Kenneth Laurente
dahil sa showtime nalaman ko title nito HAHAHAHAHA
Comment from : Kenneth Laurente

Yenz Kieh
Kung saan ka man ngaun.. Sana ok ka lng jan sa work mo... Dko na alam anung ngyari sa atin... Bsta alam ko mahal na mahal kita alam mo yan, sana pgtagpuin prin tyo uli.. Kung hnd man ok lng din...
Comment from : Yenz Kieh

Justine Viber
Sino andito dahil sa tawag ng tanghalan sayang si kuya na gong
Comment from : Justine Viber

morena syy
After watching showtime 😥
Comment from : morena syy

Iliana Hernandez
This hits hard lookin back at 2k19 it’s 2020 now so yea . L0l.
Comment from : Iliana Hernandez

Charles Taylor
Brandy I Love You so much Baby and Brandy I Miss You Baby and Brandy you,ll Always be in my heart Baby and Brandy I Miss You Holding Me Baby and Brandy Gm Baby and Brandy have a great day Baby
Comment from : Charles Taylor

Jemalyn Nogra
Sobra akong nakarelate sa kantang to..😀😀sana pwede siya idownload😭😭😭
Comment from : Jemalyn Nogra

Joshua Mendones
Owww wooooogg!!! Dat intro hahahaha
Comment from : Joshua Mendones

Arnilyn Taata
Can we go back to the days our love was strong☹️
Comment from : Arnilyn Taata

Everyone thinks of that someone when you hear this
Comment from : ghostlyme

hanzo assasin
Comment from : hanzo assasin

Lebron Fan
Thumbs up
Comment from : Lebron Fan

Official Dwd
Comment from : Official Dwd

sey cortez
2020 06 01
Comment from : sey cortez

Marley Raass
Comment from : Marley Raass

Emmanuel Serra
2020 and still stuck here. Anyone else?
Comment from : Emmanuel Serra

Kyri Kelly
Classic hits
Comment from : Kyri Kelly

Heather Thaxton
Comment from : Heather Thaxton

Kathleen M
Listening in 2020
Comment from : Kathleen M

Jomel Ramos
2020?and still
Comment from : Jomel Ramos

4:03 - till end : side lyrics of this part please.
Comment from : Yaaan

I'm in my sexy pajamas...I just took 4 Benadryl to dull my sensitivity....Yes, its a bad time
Comment from : ll NATE DOGG ll

Nerdy ARMY of BTS
01/02/2020,who's still listening?
Comment from : Nerdy ARMY of BTS

MeiJah Mitchell
These lyrics are JACKED UP...IT'S not " I'LL get ready, then I'll never let you go. It's....If you come back to me, i guarantee that I'll never let you go.
Comment from : MeiJah Mitchell

Maryann Didas-Kays
January 1st 2020...still listening....
Comment from : Maryann Didas-Kays

Anjelyn Domingo
2020 and I'm still here.
Comment from : Anjelyn Domingo

Ellyhk Bullet
2020 anyone????
Comment from : Ellyhk Bullet

Jasmin Valdez
Comment from : Jasmin Valdez

Dec 31 2019 just finished watching the “nobody’s fool”
Comment from : GlyndelleRae

Juancho Alejo
Happy new year!
Comment from : Juancho Alejo

3019 anyone?
Comment from : ALED AMAR

Can somebody tell me how to get things back the way they used to be? 😭

Martha Tobing
Comment from : Martha Tobing

Megan Short
brian Keith Malone💔
Comment from : Megan Short

Leah Wanjiru
Best love song of all time,,who is listening 29/12/2019.
Comment from : Leah Wanjiru

Nika kristine Bermudez
Comment from : Nika kristine Bermudez

Kit Kath
This is so sad like putangina ansaket :(((
Comment from : Kit Kath

Junel Dela cruz
junel dela cruz
Comment from : Junel Dela cruz

Honey Renee
Hurting you Trey I will never get over that.. Now I'm going through the same hurt that I put you through from the current ex... I'm sorry Treyon everyday.... i pray God giveyou every happiness in this world and in heaven which is true happiness
Comment from : Honey Renee

Shaniyla Griffin
My favorite part: if you come back to me I'll get ready that I'll never let you go oh God give me the reason I'm down on bended knee
Comment from : Shaniyla Griffin

Niesha Matthews
Still love it
Comment from : Niesha Matthews

Steph Bitch
Listening after “nobody fool”😂
Comment from : Steph Bitch

AMB Youtube Channel
Love is like a PRANK. Love (Gone Wrong) 😂
Comment from : AMB Youtube Channel

I probably played II on endless loop for three years lol. This is my all time favorite BIIM song and that's saying something really because I love just about all of their songs.
Comment from : Vitaluv

Aliyah & Christine
Comment from : Aliyah & Christine

donna dela rosa
listening while cryin....i feel broken😭😭😭😭
Comment from : donna dela rosa

mhariz gastanes

Comment from : mhariz gastanes

Arthly Joy Sambog
"can somebody tell me how to get things back the way they used to be" ☹️
Comment from : Arthly Joy Sambog

Crystal Arnold
Patrick I will always love you💔😢
Comment from : Crystal Arnold

aya shaira
Comment from : aya shaira

wa ken
Comment from : wa ken

Nate robinson brought me here
Comment from : IanConnorsRevenge

Love Poisonivy
I love this song I play it allday everyday

Comment from : Love Poisonivy

Kristina Mccormick
This musci is so said for me to listi to it and iam going to play this musci in school to make everybody happy that iam moving on and going to do good with Dr Forte that had been working with me really hard and she is really happy for me 2 and she told me that I did this and she is going to cry because she is so proud of me and iam really proud of her to love kristina McCormack
Comment from : Kristina Mccormick

Heather Igreja
Best breakup song ever
Comment from : Heather Igreja

curtny luv
Hesoyam 🧡
Comment from : curtny luv

x aba
Oh God give me a reason ...
Comment from : x aba

Samantha C
I cry every time I hear this
Comment from : Samantha C

Daniel Ayala
When you realize the person you let go of a long time ago was the person that was better for you ..
Comment from : Daniel Ayala

Grace Petilo
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong ??? 😭😭😭


Comment from : Grace Petilo

Kristel Consigna
Sinulat ko pa tong lyrics niya sa papel para lang ma-search ko kasi ang gandaaaa ng song.. 😍
Comment from : Kristel Consigna

Asant 1
Still listening in 2019. This is one of the best love songs of all time. I got it on repeat.
Comment from : Asant 1

roby spy
Nct u coming home remind me of this song
Comment from : roby spy

Big Boy
Kaya ko tong kapain kapag lasing ako. Ahejejejeje
Comment from : Big Boy

Rexa Mae Abian
Why do you have to do this to me?
Comment from : Rexa Mae Abian

Rexa Mae Abian
I miss you so much 😭
Comment from : Rexa Mae Abian

Rexa Mae Abian
You left me without saying anything. Why? 😭
Comment from : Rexa Mae Abian

Ronnel Verida
Meh also dramaticaly
Comment from : Ronnel Verida

Jaimelie Magno
I'm still listening 💕
Comment from : Jaimelie Magno

Jhon Rey C. Galgo
December 13,2019😥
Comment from : Jhon Rey C. Galgo

Marcos Morales
I love the song ❤️❤️❤️ 12/12/19
Comment from : Marcos Morales

Bibi ko
December.13,2019 ❤
Comment from : Bibi ko

Aizel Rique
Because of this song i remember something that make me cry😭😭😭 and she was very sad and me because my brother and his girlfriend was broken already im very very sad that i heard that news in my cousin😭😰😭
Comment from : Aizel Rique

samuel besañez
Tangina mo
Comment from : samuel besañez

mercy mallari
😂😂😂hope you know what it means to trust a person whom you so much love nd she lied to you ..nd you feel betrayed .
Comment from : mercy mallari

Lit Tle
i came here because of justin vasqueez aaaaaaa
Comment from : Lit Tle

Vevencio Aspan
Roam ka
Comment from : Vevencio Aspan

Vevencio Aspan
Mid tank
Comment from : Vevencio Aspan

Vevencio Aspan
Bobo mm
Comment from : Vevencio Aspan

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